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Ingersoll Rand Site Speed Increase of up to 68% Across 193 Countries


Ingersoll Rand, who merged with Gardner Denver in early 2020, is a world-leading manufacturer of air, fluid, energy, specialty vehicle and medical technologies. They are dedicated to providing their customers with the services and product solutions they need to streamline industrial processes and increase productivity. 

Striving for a solid global reach 

In order to maintain a strong worldwide presence, every global business needs a website that is available to their potential customers across all locations. And not only that; the experience has to be consistent for users everywhere. 

Ingersoll Rand’s website, hosted in Europe, was underperforming severely, so ensuring a seamless user experience presented a serious challenge. Users in the US, New Zealand and Africa were facing extremely slow loading times, which resulted in user satisfaction and organic rankings being affected negatively. What’s more, Ingersoll Rand struggled with bypassing the strict server and firewall architecture currently in place in China. 

Acknowledging how crucial a good UX is, Ingersoll Rand commissioned digital agency GRM Digital to find a solution that would help ensure the best possible experience for users in all target countries. 

CDN implementation to the rescue 

Page speed is a massive Google ranking factor and one of the elements that affect user experience and organic traffic the most. Understanding Ingersoll Rand’s struggle, GRM determined that the most effective solution would be a CloudFlare CDN (Content Delivery Network). 

The GRM team implemented a CDN across all of Ingersoll Rand’s websites as a way to drastically improve their site speed and security. This allowed their static and dynamic website content to be regularly cached at various locations around the world and served to users much faster. Moreover, now Ingersoll Rand have a network in place that makes it possible to quickly launch a website in a new country, as well as alleviate local firewall and server restrictions.  

Powering up Ingersoll Rand’s global website  

Through the solution provided, the CDN implementation team at GRM Digital gave a considerable boost to Ingersoll Rand’s website performance. The website now loads at an average of 1.3 seconds, which is a speed improvement of up to 68%. Not only is this significant for an improved user experience, but it also helps with search rankings, especially considering the Google page experience update.  

The results of this project can be added to the many successes in the 11-year partnership between Ingersoll Rand and GRM Digital. Throughout the years, GRM Digital has been delivering 24/7 technical support and helping Ingersoll Rand rest assured that their websites are operating efficiently. 

Reflecting on the CDN implementation project, Alem Huseinspahic, Support Manager at GRM Digital, has stated:  

“During the CDN implementation for Ingersoll Rand’s websites, we came across a lot of interesting challenges to solve. Working with Ingersoll Rand and their in-house team was both entertaining and productive. The whole project was a great experience that allowed both our teams to hone our skills and expand our knowledge. We are delighted to have delivered a secure and well-performing website, but it is a never-ending story since every site requires maintenance and there are always areas of improvement to consider. We’re proud that our long-term partner Ingersoll Rand continues putting trust in us to take care of that for them.” 

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