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Improve the user experience through better use of data

Integrating your digital platforms now only improves operational efficiency. You’ll benefit from better sharing of data across your systems, allowing you to successfully track ROI and offer more personalised web experiences to your users. Our team has extensive experience in integrating websites with leading CRM platforms such as Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce.

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Bespoke CRM Development

Every business is different in its sales and marketing processes. Sometimes even the most advanced out-of-the-box CRM platforms will not suffice. In this case, GRM can assist by building a bespoke platform, tailored to the needs of your internal teams.


CRM Integrations and Strategy

Ensuring that your digital platforms accurately share data across the numerous stages of the sales process is vital. Over the years, we've helped a number of businesses to consolidate their systems, enabling better use of data across departments and improving the customer experience.


Integrating your marketing platforms with the rest of your technology stack provides a great opportunity to share valuable customer data throughout the sales process. Over the years, we've helped a number of businesses to integrate their marketing platforms, enabling them to easily track ROI of campaigns and spot client trends.

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