Key Takeaways from Kentico Connection Brno 2019

Rob Warburton
September 23, 2019 2 min read

Last week the GRM team had the pleasure of attending this year’s Kentico Connection in Brno. During the event, the Kentico team presented their updates for Kentico 2020 and the newly branded Kentico Kontent (formerly Kentico Cloud). Here’s what you can expect to see from Kentico in the future:


The Big Reveal! Kentico 2020 is Kentico Phoenix

Kentico unveiled their statement branding for the next update in 2020, following on from the much-loved K12 Raptor. Kentico 2020 will be called Phoenix, and for good reason too! Kentico will be ‘burning’ many of its legacy features that they’ve spent time supporting through their recent updates. However, some of the more popular features will be reworked in MVC and will once again ‘rise from the ashes’. Here’s what you can expect to see in Kentico 2020 Phoenix:

Kentico Connection 2019


Reusable Content

Content editors will find it much easier to reuse content thanks to the linked pages functionality which will be reintroduced into MVC. Reusable content will introduce solutions for menu building, home page modelling, and populating featured content.


Marketing Automation Templates

Marketers unfamiliar with the use of automation in EMS will love this feature. Kentico 2020 will allow marketers to create automation workflows from built-in templates with just one click. Of course, you’ll be able to create your own from scratch, but you’ll also have that added inspiration from the team at Kentico. We’re really looking forward to this one!


Automatic Routing

Kentico 2020 will finally include an automatic router module. Any page using dynamic routing will be given an automatically generated URL which adapts to every change in the content tree.


Improved Search

Kentico will be improving their search functionality by ensuring that all content from pages is indexed, and not just that from the content tab.


Kentico Cloud is now Kentico Kontent

Just as we expected, Kentico Kontent stole much of the limelight at this year’s Kentico Connection in Brno. Previously named Kentico Cloud, Kontent has undergone several changes in the last 12 months to further cement its place as a leader in the content as a service space (CaaS). If you’re still looking for validation on the success of Kentico Kontent, just take a look at AC Milan’s online footprint covering their website and iOS/Android App. The whole platform is built under Kentico Kontent, allowing their content team to seamlessly publish hundreds of items of content per day across multiple platforms. Jacopo Panozzo, IT Programme Manager at AC Milan, gave a demonstration about how they are using Kentico Kontent in addition to a large integrated technology stack to drive engagement with their fans.


Here are some more advancements that you can expect to find in Kentico Kontent:

  • Import new content models via API
  • Improved role management
  • Enhanced integration library
  • New partnerships and integrations launched with Exponea and Bynder


Kentico is now ISO Certified

Kentico paid special attention to their newly acquired ISO 9001 / 20000-1 / 27001 certifications during the two-day event in Brno. This adds further backing to Kentico as not only a functional CMS solution but one that demonstrates security and reliability for the future.

The team at GRM Digital thoroughly enjoyed Kentico Connection 2019 in Brno and look forward to implementing the new updates and strategies with our clients over the next year. 

Written by Rob Warburton

Digital Marketing Consultant