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Empowering Website for an Empowering Brand


A market leader in the field of tissue diagnostics, Sakura Finetek has the mission of providing world-class products that empower pathology professionals, advance cancer diagnostics and make optimal patient care possible. 

Based in the US, Japan and The Netherlands and working with 100+ distributors around the world, Sakura has been focused on continuous innovation and improvement for over 150 years. They’ve decided that, with the ever-increasing importance of digital transformation, a website power-up should be part of this continuous development as well.

Looking for a web development and design agency well-versed in working with the Kentico DXP, which the original website of Sakura Finetek Europe was built in, they reached out to GRM Digital. 


A more user-oriented Sakura Finetek Europe site

Sakura’s main priority was to establish a closer relationship with their customers. A fundamental step for that was to create an experience-driven, dynamic website to replace the previous design, which was product-driven and thus less appealing to their users. Another significant element was to build a highly functional membership page where users could find all the specific content, contact details and information they needed.



After inspecting the existing Sakura website, the Kentico developers at GRM Digital decided that the best course of action was to expand and enhance existing features, as well as to add new functionalities and redesign the appearance in a more enticing fashion. 

To meet Sakura’s goals of a more user-oriented site and stronger bond with customers, the new platform, built in Kentico Xperience 13, is multilingual and contains a login/sign-up area where users can set up and access their exclusive MySakura account. The design itself is now more dynamic than before, as well as more modular, where applicable.


A smooth, bespoke new design

Instead of presenting primarily the products themselves, Sakura wanted to shift the focus onto the real-world problems that their products are solving. More precisely, they wanted to emphasise their solutions as a whole rather than equipment alone, since equipment is only part of the solutions, as overcoming challenges in histopathology requires a broader perspective to advance the work of pathology professionals.

Another important endeavour to connect more with their customers in different regions, or those that speak other languages. And finally, they wanted to give their users a seamless experience and allow them to recognise the value in using the Sakura Finetek Europe website.

Thanks to functionality enhancements, Kentico localisation features (i. e. availability in 6 languages), and sleek yet vibrant design that reflects Sakura's brand identity, the robust new website has made it possible for these desired outcomes to be met.

In addition, it is also worth mentioning that the new website has been featured in the Top 10 Kentico Xperience websites for July 2021.

Client feedback sakura-logo.png

GRM understood our business objectives since the beginning of the project, and they were able to elevate Sakura Finetek Europe's digital footprint to a higher level. We all know this is not the end of the journey but a solid start to build on and further develop.

Gabor Juhasz Digital Marketing Specialist, Sakura Finetek Europe B. V.

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