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Launching a New Dream Home Design Tool for UK's Leading Home Builder


Keepmoat is the leading home builder for first time buyers, providing affordable high-quality homes throughout the UK. With over 30,000 homes already delivered, this Doncaster-based business is a pioneer in the home build space, and they are fully dedicated to providing each customer with their dream home. 

Striving for a personalised homebuying experience 

Keepmoat are committed to building a home that fully suits each customer’s needs, so they understand and value the importance of personalisation. In the original homebuying process, customers would purchase a home and subsequently browse Keepmoat catalogues for ways to equip and decorate it. 

Following a website redesign, Keepmoat were looking to streamline their online ordering process and provide customers with the ability to not only select their new housing plot, but also choose options and extras for their home. Due to extensive experience in delivering bespoke Kentico developments, digital agency GRM Digital were commissioned by Keepmoat to create a tool for this purpose. 

Creating the Keepmoat Homes Configurator 

To prevent a potential discrepancy between what the customer wants and the actual end result, modification options and a preview may come in handy. The Keepmoat Homes Configurator is an easy-to-use visual configurator that allows precisely that. 

With the configurator, a customer can simply log into the Keepmoat site, select a plot and try out different designs for their kitchen and bathroom. Almost everything can be modified, from kitchen worktops to baths to lighting. The visualiser is updated whenever a new item is added to the cart, so the buyer is shown each combination in real time and can create the design that best suits their fancy. 

All chosen items appear below the visualiser under “Your Order.” Once satisfied with the customisation, the customer can easily complete the purchase, and the items will be added to the finish of the house. 

A tried-and-true dream home purchase 

The option to control the design of their future home has provided customers with a far more engaging buying experience. It only takes a few clicks for them to create the perfect personalised kitchen and bath, and there is virtually no risk of disappointment at features not turning out quite how they imagined. 

Moreover, the flexible time frame and freedom of choice provided by the configurator can make customers feel more at ease. And finally, customers who might ordinarily not buy anything are more likely to make a purchase when presented with a tool like this. 

For Keepmoat, this not only means additional upsell opportunities, but also an increase in customer satisfaction that ultimately fortifies brand trust. 

Reflecting on the project, Sanel Kovacevic, Project Manager at GRM Digital, has stated: 

“Working on the Keepmoat Homes Configurator project was a wonderful journey. It’s always a pleasure to work with professionals who take a customer-first approach and who are continuously striving for improvement. We are delighted to have delivered a configurator that helps a homebuyer's dream home come true.” 

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