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24% increase in homepage conversions for Firefly Learning


Established in 2005 by two GCSE students, co-founders Joe Mathewson and Simon Hay, Firefly has grown to be the leader of Modern Learning Experience platforms which liberate teachers to innovate for greater impact in the classroom and beyond, whilst empowering leaders with holistic visibility to drive a transformational learning strategy for the entire school community. It can now be found in hundreds of schools around the world.

The Firefly team contacted GRM Digital as they were looking for an experienced team of CMS developers to assist with future development of their website. Following a plan to reposition the brand and alter their key messaging, Firefly were initially in need of some visual and functional amendments to their current Umbraco  platform.

Standing out

As the main landing page for the website, redesign of the homepage was a priority. Before the redesign, a large proportion of the homepage was taken up by an image slider which was dated and failed to provide a concise overview of the Firefly offering. The GRM Development Team got to work in removing the slider and replacing it with a new video which dramatically improves the user experience and makes the Firefly platform instantly recognisable.

Bring the homepage to life

The Firefly platform is used globally and recommended by leading figures in the education sector, however, this wasn’t being communicated clearly on the website. GRM were able to bring a human touch to the brand’s online presence with the creation of the new ‘Heroes of Modern Education’ module. The finished article takes centre stage on the homepage, instantly resonating with users and validating the success of the Firefly platform. Users are now more focused on the key problems that Firefly solves, rather than being overloaded with a list of features and benefits.

Showing credibility

In the crowded EdTech marketplace, Firefly understand how important it is to stand out by defining clear USPs. It had become evident that the previous website design wasn’t helping to separate Firefly from the competition. To overcome this, GRM worked alongside the Firefly team to develop a new ‘Why Firefly’ area which gives users a clear view of what separates their platform from the other edtech platforms available. In a little under two weeks, goal conversions from the homepage have increased by 24%, demonstrating that users are more engaged and that the alteration of brand messaging better resonates with the challenges that schools are facing in the education sector.

GRM Digital will continue to support Firefly as their digital agency, in order to continue driving growth through their website.




increase in homepage conversions

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