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Streamlining internal communication for the UK’s largest network of brokers

Broker Network

Founded in 1994 by a regional broker, Broker Network has grown to become the UK’s largest network of independent brokers with over 550 members. The network’s aim is to help grow, protect and support independent insurance brokers throughout the UK.

Having experienced unprecedented growth over two decades, Broker Network began to experience inefficiencies with their internal communications.

Correspondence between employees, members and partners were solely focussed around emails which were becoming time-consuming and affecting accountability across the business. It was at this point that Broker Network reached out to GRM Digital to find a solution that better served their members and improved the effectiveness of its network-based business model.

Improving internal communication

Following an initial consultation period, GRM got to work building an intranet solution called ‘Oscar’ which would streamline communication and improve touch points between Broker Network’s employees, members and partners.

All members were provided with their unique login, allowing them to communicate directly with individual members or set up private working groups for specific projects. Large email chains within the business are now a thing of the past and members are no longer burdened by emails with no relevance to their needs.

Centralised resources

Sharing important documentation is a key process between Broker Network and its members, however, this had become compromised with multiple document versions held on local machines. GRM was able to eliminate this problem by building an internal file sharing system within the new intranet. Users can now be sure that any document edited and shared amongst the network is 100% accurate and up-to-date.

Streamlining the travel booking process

Employees of Broker Network are regularly required to travel to events to fulfil the requirements of their 550 strong member base. After the initial consultation, it had become apparent that the process of booking travel and accommodation was flawed, with employees complaining of long delays during the approval process.

GRM identified this as another outdated system that could be streamlined by incorporating a travel tool directly in the ‘Oscar’ intranet. Approvals for accommodation and travel twice as fast as they are confirmed automatically via the portal.

1 year following the project, Broker Network’s ‘Oscar’ now eases the communication between over 1000 employees, members and partners. ‘Oscar’ provides them with contact management, corporate information, travel booking, and file sharing all housed under one easy-to-use interface. All involved have found the solution easy to adopt and the overall project execution has been and is continuing to be very successful.




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