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Paid media services to boost your visibility across channels

Pay-per-click marketing is crucial if you want to showcase your brand to users and drive more visitors to your website. Aside from working hard on your SEO to enhance your organic traffic, our highly experienced team of digital experts also provides PPC services that enhance your paid traffic and help you generate more leads and sales online.  


Leverage your marketing budget and steal the spotlight

Part of a successful digital strategy is enhancing your brand’s online visibility, and PPC advertising is oftentimes a necessary step. It’s the right push you need when you want to highlight your website on search engines & various platforms and see a solid Return on Investment.  

GRM Digital want to help you make the most of your investment in PPC marketing. We are dedicated to fully understanding your brand, so that our paid media specialists can create a result-oriented PPC campaign based on data & in-depth research and tailored to your unique business visions. 

PPC Services

Bespoke paid media strategies that drive results 


Google Ads (AdWords) Management Services

Google Ads is the most popular pay-per-click system in the world. It’s meant to have your business appear in the form of a paid ad at the very top of the search results page when the right keywords are triggered. Our PPC team will create a holistic Google Ads campaign to highlight your business in the global favourite of search engines.


Google Shopping Agency

Google Shopping is a paid media channel in Google Ads that boosts the online visibility of e-commerce retailers. The GRM paid media team will craft a profit-oriented, high-performing Google Shopping strategy that’ll help your business stand out amid a vastly competitive space.


Microsoft Advertising Agency

Bing may not be the most popular search engine in the world, but it opens up your business to a whole new range of potential customers. Our paid media professionals can leverage the unique features in Microsoft Advertising – often a more cost-effective alternative to Google Ads – and showcase your brand to specific audiences across Microsoft Edge, Xbox and Yahoo.


Display Ad Agency

As part of the Google Display Network, display ads can draw attention to your business across a number of websites, including YouTube. Our paid media experts will design eye-catching ads in different formats and strategically place them in the GDN to enhance your online visibility. 


Paid Social Agency

With social media being a consistently popular channel gaining new users every day, it’s an essential place for your brand to be. Paid social allows you to segment your audience and target precisely those people who are looking for products and services like yours. Our team will plan paid social campaigns that’ll increase your click-through rate & grow your brand awareness and ROI.

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