What’s Big in Digital Marketing Right Now?

Amie Ashford
February 18, 2016 5 min read

Here are five statistics that caught our attention this month.
1. UK adspend breaks all records during Q3 2015
A record £4.64 billion was spent by marketers in the third quarter of 2015. The vast majority of that sum went towards TV spots, but digital spend also experienced significant growth.
The Advertising Association/WARC report found that Internet ad spend topped £2.04 billion – an increase of 13.2% on the second quarter. Importantly, mobile advertising now accounts for almost a third of online ad spend.
This continued growth suggests that marketers will not only have to spend more in online ad auctions, but that their creativity will be pushed to max in order to capture their target’s attention.
2. 37% of mobile users are blocking ads

Mobile ad spend may be increasing, but new figures from GlobalWebIndex give marketers cause for concern. Research suggests that 37% of mobile web users are already blocking ads, and a further 42% have expressed an interest in doing so at some point in the future.
Should these people to follow through on their intentions, nearly 80% of a marketer’s potential audience will never see their ads. Marketers will need to seriously reconsider their mobile advertising strategy, potentially shifting towards sponsored content and other non-display formats in order to attract potential customers.
And failing that, they will need to delve into the mechanics of ad blocking technologies to spot “loopholes”, such as in-app ads on ad block-enabled handsets.
3. Google finally settles their corporation tax bill. For £130 million.

After ten years of wrestling with HMRC, Google has finally agreed to pay outstanding back taxes to the sum of £130 million. Not bad for a company that made £3.8 billion in 2013, much of which was raised from the sale of paid ads to UK companies.
The agreement may have helped raise some much needed cash for the Inland Revenue, but it also resulted in endless criticism for the Chancellor of the Exchequer.
4. Single tweet nets Oprah $12.5 million

Former chat show host and serial entrepreneur Oprah Winfrey was in the money after a tweet about her diet habits went viral. Winfrey shared a video in which she discussed eating bread as part of her WeightWatchers diet regime.
The public responded particularly positively to the claims, quickly followed by Wall Street, causing shares in WeightWatchers to rise by 20%. As a ten per cent stakeholder in WeightWatchers, Winfrey’s own portfolio earned $12.5 million in a single afternoon.
Although few brands could hope to realise such massive benefits themselves, Oprah’s story does show that celebrity endorsement is a powerful tool – even in the age of social media. Could your marketing campaign attract a genuine celebrity endorsement?
5. Daily Mail ad revenues rise by 27%

Despite mainstream criticism over its content, the Daily Mail remains a hugely popular destination for web users. As traffic increases, so too does the paper’s advertising earnings, achieving a 27% boost over 2014.
If your target audience reads the Daily Mail (and you have no moral objection to doing so), you should seriously consider displaying ads on the Mail Online website.
So over to you – which digital marketing stats caught your attention this week?

Written by Amie Ashford

Marketing Manager