Boost Your DXP With Kentico Xperience Refresh 4

Rob Warburton
December 22, 2021 5 min read

Kentico regularly updates its systems, and this year has been no different. One of the latest launches by the company is Kentico Xperience Refresh 4, packed full of new integrations! And they are all designed to help you improve your digital experience platform (DXP).

Incorporating the latest AI, Kentico allows you to create an innovative experience that’s more engaging and accessible. Let’s take a look at how you can leverage the updates to your platform’s advantage.

Reach a wider audience with alt text

A lot of websites aren’t currently meeting accessibility requirements for all of their users, often because their images lack alt text. This small caption can be added to images, explaining what’s happening in the picture. It provides two main purposes.

The first is to allow visually impaired people to use a screen reader to understand your images alongside your written content. The second is to help search engine crawlers identify and recognise your images.

But, adding alt text is a time consuming and – let’s face it – tedious process. That’s where Kentico Refresh 4 comes in. Kentico has always let users add alt text, but now, if you’ve already filled out an image description (which you can do in the Media Library), then the system will automatically assign this as alt text. You can refine it and add keywords, making the process a lot simpler in the Page Builder.

If you haven’t added an image description, they now have AI capabilities to do it for you. When you select an image to add to your Page Builder, Kentico uses Azure Cognitive Services to automatically assign the image with an alt text based on AI image recognition. Clever, quick, and hassle-free, it makes creating accessible websites a lot easier.

Create personal experiences with a chatbot

Chatbots have been at the top of the digital trends for some time. In fact, 24.9% of online shoppers used chatbots in 2020, and we expect that figure to have increased throughout 2021. 

By incorporating chatbots into your platform, you can provide more personal experiences for users. With a chatbot, you allow them to quickly have simple questions answered and find what they’re looking for. It’s almost like a robotic personal shopper. 

They can also help with your marketing and lead to increased user engagement. If you’re ready to start using chatbots, you can now integrate one into your Kentico Xperience DXP.

The bot works with Kentico Xperience to tailor conversations using the information you already have on customers whilst updating their contact details and preferences through the conversations. It’ll also trigger automated marketing steps, initiate sales meetings, conduct lead scoring, and improve its own dialogue as it has more discussions. 

Image-illustration of a chatbot

Automate your comments and reviews to increase engagement

There are many ways to improve customer engagement and loyalty, but one that’s often put on the backpedal is the collection of comments and reviews. But, by focusing on generating more discussions around your business, you can build trust, create better brand authority, and boost conversions. 

When using Kentico Xperience alongside Disqus, you can now capture reactions and opinions on your website easily. Showcase reviews on your product pages and log any comments as contact activity to generate marketing automation and lead scoring data.

Kentico also uses Azure Cognitive Services to integrate AI Sentiment Analysis. This can differentiate between positive and negative feedback, sending follow up emails to thank the user for their support or providing information about refunds. It’s a simple way to boost your user experience while showing the world what kind of a brand you are.

Use Jira to automate your workflows

Workflows organise the multitude of requests from different places, helping you become more efficient in your processes. All your tasks are in one, easy to see space. 

In Refresh 4, Kentico has teamed up with Atlassian’s agile project management programme, Jira. Now you can see a handy overview of your to-do lists and tasks and connect any workflow you current have to Xperience. 

Jira automatically assigns tasks to your workflow, too. For example, if someone pushes the ‘Request a Call’ button, a task will appear in your workflow to let you know. You can have different types of tasks automatically assigned to different team members and create actions when a task is completed, like automatically uploading a blog post.

All of these things save time and ensure your entire team is organised, creating effective collaboration for a profitable business.

Learn more about how Refresh 4 can improve your platforms

As Kentico Gold Partners, digital agency GRM Digital are always on top of every update. If you want to learn more about Refresh 4, or anything about Kentico Xperience, feel free to get in touch. Our team is always happy to help.