Helping businesses in Leeds during the Covid-19 outbreak

Nej Gakenyi
March 26, 2020 4 min read

GRM Digital offers support to three businesses struggling to trade because of coronavirus.

We know these are troubling times during the Covid-19 outbreak, and the team here at GRM would like to offer our help.

We would like to do our part in helping local businesses most affected by this pandemic, and considering where our speciality lies, we have undertaken an initiative to enable 3 businesses in Leeds the opportunity to sell their products/services online, via an e-commerce website built completely FREE of charge.

If you’re a business currently struggling due to the Coronavirus outbreak, and you’re without a fully functioning e-commerce website, we’d love to help you by doing what we do best, building websites!

Nej Gakenyi, CEO and founder of GRM Digital comments:

“Unfortunately, there are many great businesses that will be negatively affected by Covid-19. It has never been more important to embrace technology in order to continue trading throughout such circumstances. We want to offer help wherever possible to businesses in Leeds throughout this period.”

Leeds City Council reports that there are over 32,000 VAT-registered businesses based in Leeds and more than 6,000 small and medium-size enterprises, which account for more than half of employment.

Nej continued:

“Whilst this is first and foremost an issue related to health, the shock to the global economy from Covid-19 has been so fast and new legislation to stay indoors means that a lot of businesses will struggle to trade at all. As GRM Digital is a multi-national firm we are used to operating remotely and we are in a position to help others so hope that this initiative will provide a lifeline to some of our local businesses.

Part of this e-commerce work will be facilitated by our team in Sarajevo, so this initiative will also have a wider reach in terms of helping secure jobs in Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

In addition to the e-commerce initiative, the GRM team has been working hard to spread the positive stories surrounding Coronavirus. Yesterday saw the launch of our first ever game: Heroes of Covid-19. People from all walks of life are coming together to help fight Coronavirus, and we want to use this game to share their amazing stories!