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Sitecore Commerce: How does it look?

Sitecore Commerce

If you so happened to find yourself in the New York area on January 15th, you may have heard a new announcement from Sitecore; at the National Retail Federation’s Annual Conference, Sitecore unveiled it’s new flagship Commerce product – Sitecore Commerce.

With the intention of becoming an end-to-end consumer shopping experience – being involved in every step of the purchasing process - they are optimising their platform in order to improve customer loyalty and business performance.  Green River Media are a Technologically Agnostic Agency, meaning we compare and analyse the best technology to use for our clients. With this in mind, when a platform like Sitecore announce a new flagship technology, we have to take a look.

As the functionality is so new, we’ve not yet had the chance to test it for ourselves, so this blog will focus more on what Sitecore are trying to achieve with this process. It is clear to us that Sitecore Commerce is looking to create personalised touchpoints at every available chance during a sales process. They are following an online trend, that suggests personalisation is a clear winner in terms of customer loyalty, and this is something we agree on. Giving your customers the content they want, provides them with a rich, customised experienced, that has been tailored to suit each individual website visitor. This is done by analysing the user behaviour on your site - through page views, submission forms, purchases, clicks and demographics – and this collated information presents a persona to the Sitecore platform which, in turn, will then automatically update the content which the consumer will receive. The combination of personalisation and automation gives businesses a real chance of providing every visitor personalised content, even if your website reaches the highest of traffic levels.
The other big talking point, is focused around Sitecore Commerce attempting to achieve optimisation of everything. Marketers are constantly looking for ways to enhance conversion rate and the improvement of the user journeys will increase the possibility of a sale – leaving the customer feeling satisfied, and the seller with money in their pockets. With Sitecore enabling the optimisation of even more elements of the sales funnel, it creates more opportunities to utilise the aforementioned personalisation. Website optimisation, if done correctly, can see positive results such as boosting product purchases, increasing the rate of add-on purchases, decreasing abandon cart rate and a rise in newsletter subscriptions. Sitecore have registered that making minor changes to your website can make a significant difference and this will generate the possibility of improving any metric you are looking for, from your site.

As a flagship platform, Sitecore comprises numerous helpful features to get the best out of your commerce website. Some additional features include:

  •  Cloud Enabled
  •  Multiple Product Catalogues
  •  Marketing Automation with a focus on commerce
  •  Management and selling of digital and physical goods, with the ability to provide personalised offers, products or digital access.
  •  Multilingual
  •  ERP Integration enabled with the ability to define rules for pre-orders, out of stocks etc.
  •  Workflow Management
  •  Order Management; which provides a touch-interface for editing of orders
  •  Secure Tokenised Payments
  •  Path Analyzer; for machine learning capabilities to demonstrate the most effective paths for conversions

Sitecore Commerce is evidently a powerful platform, which can be used by experienced markets to really improve their website’s performance - this is something we are sure of.

With the number of features and advanced functionalities that are available with Sitecore, it is essential that you have a team available which can utilities these tools. Sitecore is an Enterprise CMS so, unless your intentions are to train on and utilise all of its features, then the price of this platform might not be for you. As CMS experts, we pride ourselves on proposing the best platform for each individual client and, as each CMS offers unique performance tools, it is vital to select the one that best matched with your wants & needs.