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Predicting The Future

Just over two years ago Green River Media correctly predicted the Ektron / Episerver merger. A year later we published the following white paper - Is This the End of the Road for Ektron? The Future Does Not Look So Bright, offering advice and insight into how the merger would effect Ektron Customers.

One of the main topics we predicted and which was contrary to the advice that was provided by Episerver was the integration of the two platforms in order to create a "super CMS" which would make the transition from Ektron to Episever an easy task.

Green River Media warned that this would not happen; any migration would infact be a brand new site build on a completely new CMS. Over the past several months GRM has been speaking to a large number of Ektron customers. Many have had concerns with how this will effect their digital road map and whether Episerver is the right platform in which to build the future foundations of their digital real estate.

Some of the tactics that have been deployed by the UK Episever sales team in an attempt to retain customers on the Ektron platform have been interesting. One of the most common has been the offer of a free and often excessive licence which in turn comes with a large maintenance fee from year two onwards; could this be a clever way of recuperating the initial cost of a free licence? 

One thing you have to consider here is what is the cost of a licence to a CMS vendor?

Here at GRM, we pride ourselves in being 100% technologically agnostic and we are partners with almost all of the major players within the CMS arena. This puts us in a unique position of being able to recommend a number of platforms which would suit your organisational requirements. Below are a number of areas we typically look into before making any recommendations.

  • Integration and system dependencies 
  • Functional requirements such as - Personalisation / Automation
  • Budgetary constraints
  • E-commerce
  • Location of your target audiences - Internationalisation / Localisation
  • Future proofing - Digital road-map

If you are currently on the Ektron platform and are considering which CMS is best suited for you Green River Media are offering to provide you with a free, no obligation review covering the areas mentioned above to help you make the right decision. 

We are also offering this service to anyone who may be considering a new CMS in the very near future.

Please contact GRM directly if you would like any further information;