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Love in the Workplace

Valentine’s Day is coming. We at Green River Media thought it would be an opportune time to remind all of you of the love that goes on in the workplace; before the mind wanders, to clarify, we’ll be discussing the loving relationship between the Sales and Digital Marketing functions and how a collaboration between these two departments can truly create great successes.

On first impression, you may assume that Sales and Marketing are polar sectors within a company, but we believe that opposites attract. If you are amongst those that have yet to embrace this love, then give me a moment to explain why you should.

Digital Marketing
We may appear a little shallow when we infer that first impressions matter, but your website is in fact your ‘shop window’, the first-look into your company and its brand-values. Working in harmony with the Sales team to drive traffic to your site is vital; Business Development colleagues are likely to have a high level of customer-facing interaction and, therefore, will understand what the customer wants the most. For example, Social Media listening tools, and other customer insight platforms, are proven ways to present you with the necessary information but these methods may require an extra financial aid, whereas the Sales team are able to take their infamous charm & interpersonal skills and utilise these to benefit your ROI. In a world of Digital, it may be easy to forget how valuable the initial face-to-face interaction can be, in order to make the Digital elements of your business work.

A two-way channel of sharing information needs to be created for this connection to really work. Feedback forms are great and filled with useful information when they are submitted but, as I’m sure the majority of Marketers will agree, it’s a challenge to get those high engagement levels through the website alone, but if the Sales colleague were to take the incentive to request a feedback form from a client over the phone, once a positive relationship is established, engagement levels would undoubtedly increase – wouldn’t you be more likely to complete a feedback form if you’d had one-on-one correspondence with a friendly voice? Not only are you given a higher amount of data but, the data collected, would be a direct reflection of an individual’s experience with your business, giving you a more comprehensive insight of your target market.

New Business Development

As previously discussed, Sales and Marketing go hand-in hand. When the chemistry between the two teams is undeniable, the ROI speaks for itself. It is imperative that the two sides work in matrimony to create new business opportunities. If the Marketing team and your website are doing their job correctly, the inbound leads are inevitable, but it’s now down to the Sales team to take this lead and make it into something of value. 
Is the romance true and ever-lasting?

Hopefully, the answer to this question will be yes. Like any relationship, both sides are forever trying to better themselves to get the best outcome – no one’s perfect. The main focus of this blog has been to set the thought-cogs turning and ask “do our Marketing and Sales team have a good relationship, if any relationship at all?”
With the theme of Valentine’s Day in mind, our concentration has been on the two departments and how they can work together to create a good User Experience, for all involved. A few questions that might be worth consideration:

  1. Does our Marketing calendar sync with Sales activities and pipelines?

  2. Do any customers mention any Marketing activity we have done?

  3. Have we consulted the Sales team to see what they expect from the Marketing team, within the next 6 months? 

  4. Are Sales aware of our short-term Marketing strategy?

Simple questions like these keep the spark alive. If, at the end of this, you’re thinking “well actually, are Marketing and Sales departments work separately, on their own projects” never fear. It’s never too late to start the adventure.