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Do You Blog for Your Business? Here Are A Few Reasons Why You Should…

If anyone’s ever told you that your company should be blogging, you might have wondered why. ‘What are the benefits?’ ‘And can it really bring me more traffic?’ Of course, the answer to both those burning questions is a big, fat yes!
So I guess you could say today’s your lucky day, seeing as you’ve stumbled across this very piece here on the Green River Media blog.
Having bumped into the Green River Media team at a networking event a few weeks ago, I was keen to hear more about them and how they maintain their own online presence. I quickly found that blogging was key for the company, with a new post going live fairly regularly on the site.
For me too, blogging is absolutely vital. It’s part of what I do as a West Yorkshire copywriter, after all. And it’s simply about helping myself - and my clients – get noticed in the ever-competitive digital world.
So I bet you’re wondering why you should be blogging too. There are plenty of reasons but I’m going to give you just three of them.

  • It Gives Your Company a Voice – You probably feel as though you already have a voice of sorts – and no doubt you do plenty of your own company marketing to ensure you put yourself across to your customers in the best way possible. But ask yourself this: 'Do your customers really know you?' And, more importantly, do they know what you do and what you can offer them in terms of services? Add a blog to your site and you’ll have the opportunity to extend the reach of your ‘voice’ by simply giving those people who trust in the great things you’re doing another platform from which to hear more about you.

  • It's Free PR – Everyone likes something for nothing, don’t they? But while I say 'free' here, really it’d cost you next to nothing. We’re talking less than £40 a week to ensure one blog is uploaded to your site – and the more often you most, the better. When you consider that - according to a recent HubSpot survey - 60% of businesses who blog acquire more customers, it really is worth giving it a go.

  • It Gives You Focus – Do you ever feel as though you're 'doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that'? Maybe you feel like you’ve lost some focus along the way and as a result you now don’t really have a long-term marketing plan or goal? By writing a blog or two yourself – or by hiring a freelance copywriter – you’ll quickly find you have more of an idea regarding how you’d like the company to progress. By researching and writing content sometimes weeks or months ahead of time, you'll have an at-a-glance look at where your business is heading.  And do you know what that means? You’ll be able to better plan your company’s marketing strategy in general – result!

Think blogging is for you? Why not give it a go today, providing your website has the functionality to do it. If not, chat to one of Green River Media’s CMS Consultants who will get you set up in no time.