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Local SEO services for extra visibility in target locations 

Unlike international SEO, local SEO means optimising your website to be easily found in local search results – as the name suggests. Even a website with super engaging content and incredible performance means very little if it remains concealed to potential buyers near you. 

Local SEO is an indispensable step if you want to ensure people from your city and surrounding region to quickly spot your business online, check it out and ultimately select it. The GRM SEO professionals will create a bespoke strategy that will help your brand dominate the local market. 


Conquering close-range search results

The three main local SEO ranking factors are distance, relevance and prominence. In order to be found and selected by people in your area, your brand has to excel in all of them.

For that, you have to complete a bunch of activities – from clearly defined attributes, to consistent and accurate contact information such as address & phone number, to customer reviews and your responses to them, and many more. Without following these best practices, the chance of increasing brand awareness among close-range customers is quite slim.


Exceeding desired goals

As an experienced digital marketing agency, the GRM team are here to devise an efficient local SEO strategy so you can stick out in relevant close-range searches. We want to help you increase both online and foot traffic, boost brand awareness, improve your business reputation and ultimately generate more sales.  

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